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i am wearing black, invoking the emptiness of this new moon..the empty space for light to come fill.

super + new moon harvest 2015

a dense fog covers the hills where i walk, making the ground moist. i stop often to listen to the leaves flutter down towards the earth.

miss artemisia reveals herself the first moment i enter the wild, but i wait to greet her until i am deep in the trees.

the greenery is abundant & it excites me to see such tones in the hills again.

in the silence, i hear a solitary bee seeking nectar.

arriving at a creek bed where mugwort grows on each side & i feel ready to harvest.

i offer a pinch of tobacco & mugwort collected during a prior new moon hunt before gathering miss artemisia.

the sun peeps her head out & i begin.

the phrase 'bringing the wild to the lips of my community' enters my mind.

i run with it.

super + new moon harvest 2015

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