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i haven't written in many months. (or shall i say, many moons ;))

my voice has felt rusty. my words inadequate.

this blue moon has pushed the water through my veins, filling tide pools of thought gone stagnant with fresh waves of curiosity & wonder.

self-expression is such a beautiful act. to have the ability & opportunity to share with one another is immensely powerful. i commend those who have the courage to share their inner world with the outer one. it's newer for me. to switch from the rough surface of paper being scratched & branded with my pen, safe inside a book, inaccessible by the crisp, precise nature of online sharing. editable at any moment. the ability to rewrite without seeing the ghosts of former words crossed out, erased. i am entranced.

there isn't a particular significance to this post. no words to live by, no big revelation.

just a few crisp, precise words to fill this blank screen as a tiptoe test into the realm of bridging my inner world with the outer. a small effort to begin to step out of my comfort zone & share what's real for me right now.

good night moon.

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