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our hearts bloom as the days ripen.

as the sun sets, we dip our feet into a white, porcelain bowl full of water & herbs freshly picked from the garden: mint, mugwort, chamomile, lemon verbena, & sprigs of white sage to cleanse our soles on this sole-stice day.

as a dear friend smudges me, preparing me for my ritual foot bath, i feel a seam between the left & right parts of my body. this duality within me is held together by spirit. as she traces the line down my center with a burning stick of palo santo, i hear the words 'soul stitch' over & over again in my mind. i feel as though my soul is being mended, sewn together, by this simple act of bathing my feet in water on the longest day of the year on the stoop of my house.

i'm writing this down to remind myself of the simple acts in life, & how powerful they can be.

may the summer months be infused with a sense of renewal & growth for all of us.

may every dip in the ocean, every popsicle eaten, every walk in the mountains this summer be a gentle reminder of how amazing life is here on earth & how blessed we are to receive the opportunity to refresh our senses everyday.

thank you for reading this small stream of consciousness post. it's not much, but it's a restart into the world of sharing mini happenings with others.

happy soul-stice to you!


ps. the photo is of a feldspar + scolecite specimen who got herself a full moon cleansing in our new shop window! she's such a beaut & felt like the epitome of a solstice + strawberry full moon to us :)

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