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HOLY.SMOKES have sent smoke signals over land & sea...these are the smoke signals people are sending back..

in the WORLD...

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in the COMMUNITY...

“As a true guy's-guy, an artist, and a leather smith, I've always embraced quite a few favorite vices. Over the years, as my businesses grew, and my health became a huge priority, I realized I needed to kick a few bad habits to the curb. Looking for remedies, I soon found HOLY.SMOKES. Instead of cutting out smoking "cold turkey", I could still smoke something rustic, manly and natural. I mean, lets face it... smoking is f***ing cool, that's a fact. But, poor health is not. If it wasn't for HOLY.SMOKES, I might still be dependent on tobacco."

≈ Steve of MAKESMITH ≈ Santa Barbara, CA

"I adore Inka Pinka! The blend is blissful and enlightening. Thank you ever so much for sharing this product with the universe... thank you for your products!"

 ≈ Shawn ≈ Phoenix, AZ

"Amazing product!! Love the focus pocus! A sensational, high quality brand that amounts to its taste and of course the love and soul put into these delicacies."

≈ Max ≈ San Fernando, CA

"This was our first time trying your smokes. We immediately loved them so much that I called my brother to come over and try it too. We listened to sonic youth's superstar and it was just so peaceful. Just placed an order for some more and I'll definitely be ordering more soon again.”

≈ Majda ≈ North Olmstead, OH

"Holy Smokes helped me wean off of smoking cigarettes and left me with an incredibly ritualistic experience that smells, looks, tastes, and feels delicate and vastly more enjoyable. I often enjoy a Holy Smoke slowly and genuinely, thus providing me with a more quality smoking experience rather than a frantic copious quantity of cigarettes."

≈ Jake ≈ Savannah, GA 

"The order arrived and I’m tickled ‘pink’ with every little detail - the classy box, the beautiful and artfully rolled smokes and the personalized note. I love everything you do!"

≈ Cecilia ≈ Santa Rosa, CA

"They arrived! The packaging is so beautiful and they are perfectly rolled. They smell great, just wish I had bought the larger pack! Thanks for the note too, you run a tight ship with your business :)"
≈ Nina ≈ Ann Arbor, MI

"I've used this product as incense, brewed it as tea, and shared it with my closest friends--inspiring the kind of togetherness, and community around wellness, that is at the heart of MOON MINDED MEDICINE's work. I find myself preaching the gospel of HOLY.SMOKES at random parties, and am always pleasantly surprised by the connections it creates. To the moon, HOLY.SMOKES! I am so very glad to see this product take off. 100% of the time, it tastes (and feels) like the love that went into creating it. “

≈ Jenna ≈ Santa Barbara, CA

"I wanted to share with you the wonderful experience my boyfriend and I had enjoying your holy smokes.  We went home that night and sat outside around our fire pit.  We ate cozy soup, drank wine, and read aloud to each other.  We shared one smoke of each blend and really enjoyed them.  It was fun to sit under the stars and have that experience of sharing the smoke together.  I really liked both blends and am going to have to order some more very soon!  Thank goodness you guys ship :)"

≈ Claire ≈ Los Angeles, CA

"They are the best! Thanks for the mountain top experience!"

≈ Jessica ≈ Vincennes IN